Helping Talented People (Like You) Excel.

Want to feel excited about your work every day and have a fulfilling personal life? Of course you do. You want your colleagues to value your work, you’d love to get involved in interesting projects and you’d like to get promoted. You want to be a good parent and have a busy social life. Trouble is that “stuff” gets in the way and you’re starting to feel stuck in a rut. That’s okay, I can help you get unstuck.

I provide tailor-made coaching, training and consultancy services that will help you visualise your objectives, feel in control and implement change. But, most of all, I will help you reconnect with your talents, regain confidence in yourself and think big. You deserve to excel.


A former Director in a global public affairs & strategic communications agency, I bring to the table a unique mix of management, communications and coaching skills to help you achieve your goals.

Why work with me? My career spans across government, the NGO sector, trade association and corporate. I’ve reported to top decision-makers in a wide range of industry sectors, managed teams and had revenue responsibility. I am a certified coach, an expat and a working mother.

How do I work? There’s nothing wrong with you, so I’m not here to fix you. I’ll be your personal thinking partner, will hold your agenda, and create a safe space for you to explore the future. When you choose your final destination, I’ll be there to provide support throughout your journey.

What's coming up

Global Women in Networking (WIN) Conference on the 1-5 October 2013 in Prague. I’ll be one of the official coaches providing one on one personal coaching sessions to participants throughout the event.

4th Internal Communication Conference on 31 October-1 November 2013 in Vienna. I’ll be delivering three spotlight speeches on the themes of motivation, engagement and retention.

Open seminar: Jump Women’s Academy on 28 November 2013 in Brussels. I’ll be facilitating a session on management and leadership – “A real challenge for women in business: just a job or authentic leadership?”