Coaching & Training

Having a coach is like having a personal thinking partner; someone that holds your agenda and creates a safe space for you to explore the future. And then go for it.

I use the Co-Active coaching model and believe that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. Coaching is not therapy, and a coach is neither a consultant nor a mentor. I focus exclusively on supporting my clients shape their future.

My clients hire me as their coach and expect to be challenged. They are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or need to implement change. They are intelligent and resourceful, but are looking for someone who can act as a sounding board. I don’t have the answers to their issues, but I have the right questions and working methodology to help them get over stumbling blocks.

I put a lot of emphasis on setting clear goals at the start of coaching programmes. My clients understand that coaching is not just about having a chat over a cup of coffee, it is a conscious decision to change things. This involves putting effort into the whole process, facing the hard truth sometimes, accepting that no-one is perfect, and working hard to achieve what you set out to do. I commit to helping them along the way, but my clients commit to making things happen.

Individual and team coaching sessions take place every week or every two weeks to build on momentum and clients tend to define the length and format that suits them best according to their work and life commitments. They can last between 30-120 mins (depending on whether it is an individual or a team) and take place either in the client’s office, over the telephone or via the internet.

I observe absolute confidentiality regarding the discussions with my clients. Whatever coaching or training solution you select, I will set a contract agreement in place before the work starts that will include a non-disclosure clause.

Team Coaching Tools

Team coaching, is a structured dialogue that aims to help a team identify how to work better together, be more efficient, address certain weaknesses, and involve action and follow-up. Thus, team coaching has a long-lasting impact on the team and is about getting results that translate into measurable added value for the organisation.

When working with teams, I find a lot of benefit in having a discussion about team work against the background of a report that provides data and statistics. This moves the discussion from the realm of subjectivity to a zone where you have concrete issues that have been identified and where actions and progress can be measured. In addition, it enables the team, if it so wishes, to share the results with third parties (such as other company departments, the management team, etc.) so that external stakeholders are aware of the issues, challenges and action being taken to address any specific team dynamics situation.

I am an official facilitator of Team Coaching International’s suite of tools, including:

  • The Team Diagnostic Assessment (TDA)
  • The Team Leader View Assessment
  • The Team 360 View Assessment

All working relationships start by me having an initial conversation with the potential client. That’s how we know whether we’re a good client-coach match. If you’re interested in having this first discussion, please get in touch with me to schedule an appointment.

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