Biography – Laura Bacci ACC CPCC

In A Nutshell, Who Am I?

Laura2I am a certified and accredited coach, trainer and consultant working with individuals and teams in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors.

A former Director in a global public affairs & strategic communications agency, I bring to the table a unique mix of management, communications and coaching skills to help you achieve your goals.

My career spans across government, the NGO sector, trade association and corporate. I’ve reported to top decision-makers in a wide range of industry sectors, managed teams and had revenue responsibility. I am devoted to personal development, an expat and a working mother.

What do I do?

I help team leaders and individuals overcome hurdles and implement change, help cross-cultural and virtual teams increase their performance in a sustainable basis, and deliver tailor-made training programmes.

My areas of expertise include leadership development, creating sustainable high performing teams, branding and strategic communications. My interests include: employee engagement and retention, talent development, virtual teamwork and intercultural working patterns.

Why do I do this?

I want my clients to feel excited about what they do every single day, in whatever realm of life, and to (re)discover their talents and embrace the things that make them unique. I strongly believe that we are all born with incredible potential, but we lose sight of it along the way. We get into one-size-fits-all education systems and working environments, forget about our innate abilities (or simply never discover what they are) and fall into a grey routine. It is time to get some meaning back into our lives, to align our talents with our work. Let’s stop worrying about what we are not good at and leverage our strengths. Let’s bring back the fun; we can only excel in whatever we choose to do if we are 100% committed and passionate about what are doing.

How do I work?

I invite my clients to take stock, challenge them to think out of the box, encouraging them to stretch themselves and support them in their journeys to live in purpose, shape their futures and have the impact in their workplace and community that they desire. I help my clients, to the very best of my ability, excel.