Clarify Your Leadership Style With 3 Simple Questions

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Recently I was asked: “Are you a leader?” My interlocutor was looking at me straight in the eyes as if he was trying to detect any gesture that would reveal my strong or poor leadership skills. At the time, he was holding my CV listing my work experience, achievements and management track record in his hands. As I answered, I tried not to blink in case he perceived this as weakness and answered in a strong, unwavering voice: “Yes, I … >>> READ MORE

Striking The Life-Work Balance

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Summer is over, and life for many of us is slowly returning to normal. Are you packing school lunch bags while thinking about the company budget planning cycle that’s due soon? Do you wish there were such a thing as a survival kit for living, just to get you through the last four months of the year? These eight simple steps will help you keep your head above the water as the days grow shorter.

At work

Scrap your current >>> READ MORE

Do You Make These 6 Management Mistakes?

Bad manager

Most companies don’t hand you a management no-no list when you move up the corporate ladder. Here are some blunders you really want to avoid.

The first time that I got the results to my 360° annual evaluation I nearly fell off my chair.

I had the HR Director staring at me across her desk and we were in a 2m² office with no windows.

It was June and hot. And it was about to get much hotter…

As she … >>> READ MORE