5 Tips To Get Your Team To Step Up

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Tired of having no free time for your family, friends and hobbies? Does managing your team feel like you are dragging a cart (and its horse) up a hill? Look no further.

What if the key to trying to get your team to be more proactive lied in children’s games? Wouldn’t that make managing a team much easier, lighthearted and fun?

Interested? Then you need to read this.

Here are five ways to motivate your team into action:

1. Playing >>> READ MORE

Is Creating A Happy Team Making You Unhappy?

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Taking a closer look at how managers get caught in a spiral of to-do lists and why so many teams fail to deliver on expectations.

You work between 10 and 18 hours a day. There are the client meetings, the catch up sessions with your direct reports, the networking events, reporting back to your boss (and your boss’s boss…), the endless list of mails in your inbox…  And that’s just during office hours.

Does this sound familiar? It does to … >>> READ MORE

Why assertiveness matters to business

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In tough times, organisations are looking for well-balanced assertive leaders. Do you measure up?

Article published in Communication Director Magazine (March 2013 issue)

Assertiveness by itself will not get you a promotion, nor the respect of your peers and direct reports. But failing to stand your ground effectively, and conversely – being too controlling and aggressive, can halt your advance up the corporate ladder. So why are organisations seeking out assertive leaders and where do you fit on the >>> READ MORE