They (HR, Finance, Legal) come from another planet

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A former colleague now working in a new company recently said to me: « I can’t understand the people from the marketing & sales department. They just don’t get what we do and we constantly seem to be working against each other”. And who hasn’t heard things like: “HR people come from Mars” or “The finance department is constantly out to get us”? Well, I’ve just come across something that has shed some light on all of this…

They (the sales … >>> READ MORE

The right message to the right audience

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I came across this model whilst I was listening to a webinar on brand development techniques. It is a tool called Empathy Map developed by XPLANE, a US-based company that focuses on business design thinking. In a nutshell, it provides companies with a process to understand their potential clients better. I’ve been working with the map for a few weeks now and have found it extremely useful.

What I like about it is that it provides you with a … >>> READ MORE

Budget planning 2013: training & development programmes in or out?

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How many people do you know that have changed jobs in Brussels in the past year? Quite a few judging by the number of LinkedIn profile updates hitting our mailboxes on a regular basis. Isn’t it interesting that there’s still so much movement in times of economic crisis? Those who predicted that people would stay put in their roles until things started picking up again have been proven wrong. People are still on the lookout for new jobs, and they are … >>> READ MORE