Upcoming Webinars

I regularly deliver online training webinars on a range of subjects. During the webinars, I’ll talk about the topic and then leave time for questions from the participants. Webinars are live so that you can ask your questions directly to me.

Here’s a list of the topics that I’ll be looking at in upcoming webinars:

  • Presentation Skills: What works and what doesn’t
  • Assertiveness in the Workplace: How do you get it right?
  • How do I create a Happy and Productive Team?
  • Turning Your Job into a Leadership Opportunity
  • What is my Leadership Brand?
  • Talent Engagement and Retention
  • Manager’s that Excel: What to Do and What to Avoid
  • Coaching: The Basic Skills that Everyone should Master

I’ll be posting more information about each webinar and the dates on this page soon.

If you are interested in participating in one of the online training webinars and want me to send you a heads-up directly when I fix the date, please subscribe to my mailing list in the GET READY TO EXCEL box.