I develop and deliver training sessions specifically to match my clients’ needs.

This is why each training session is different, requiring both a comprehensive briefing from the client and preparatory work from me.

My training sessions are a mix of theory, practice and coaching. There is lots of interactivity, discussion, reflection and audiovisual elements (where appropriate).

I develop and deliver courses on the following:

  • Presentations skills & assertiveness
  • Media relations
  • Message development
  • Communications strategy development and implementation
  • Stakeholder mapping & engagement
  • Management Skills for EU Professionals
  • General management skills (change management, leadership, conflict resolution, strategy planning, team efficiency, giving and receiving feedback, cross-cultural integration, team dynamics, etc.).

Most of the courses are delivered in-house or in open seminars. However, I am currently developing some modules that will be delivered virtually in 2014.

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